Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mr. Brady

Mr. Brady has not had a haircut in quite some time.  I refuse to take him because he threw a massive fit last time and has developed this fear of getting his haircut.  Pick your battles I always say.  Randy and I tried to cut it and that was even more of a disaster.  So...his hair is really getting ridiculous as you can imagine.  I spiked it up the other day for a change and it was actually very cute.

   I had to say "Brady, Dont Smile" to make him grin from ear to ear like that!  

 Girls fear them, mothers adore them, and fathers mold them.  Their mighty dreams are often shaped while sitting on the riverbank waiting to catch a whopper.  They can capture your heart with the wink of an eye and confound you with a rip in their jeans.  They are young men waiting to happen...

Our precious Godson Parker

After we made it back from Brady Saturday evening, we had Emily, Hadley and Parker over for our little Christmas together.  This family holds a special place in our heart, for we have entrusted them with the responsibility of being Bradys Godparents.  We were honored and blessed to have Parker as our Godson as well.  

Emily and Randy hanging out on the couch

Brady giving Parker a hug

The boys goofing around

Christmas in Brady

My cousins Alexandra & JP

Me and my boy sporting our Colts apparel for the big game (which they LOST!)
Regardless of who makes it to the superbowl, you better believe I will be wearing my Colts jersey!

We played a little football

Christmas at the Mayborn

Tammy, Colton, Bridgit, Sarah, Brady and I went to the Mayborn Museum right after Christmas.  They still had the Train exhibit up and going, which was our first stop as we walked in the door.  

He was trying to hear his voice echo!  I am telling you, that is his new thing!

Brady was trying to escape!

Christmas, Christmas, and More Christmas

It seems like Christmas is never ending in our family.  Here are some Christmas pictures from our busy December.

Brady stretched out on his new sleeping bag from Mimi

Beaux with his sweater on that we bought him!  

I thought it would be funny to get Chief the same sweater.  Oh now that was hilarious!  Chief in a sweater, that didnt last long!  

Aunt Kimmy always gives the most unique gifts

Bradys new interest is to hear his voice echo.  Papa and GG give him a microphone that echos!  How perfect is that!

GG, Brady and I playing trains 

My hubby and his tools

Tammy & Brady 

Lil' C and Brady

The boys hanging out on Christmas Day

Ok, so this was too funny not to share.  These are the boxes that my husband used to wrap my gifts.  So redneck!  He always makes me laugh!

Christmas Morning

Chief had to open his stocking too!

Once Brady found what he was looking for in his stocking, he didnt want anything to do with any of his other presents.  In fact he didnt even finish opening them till that evening.  He spent most of the day playing with that one train!

Big Shoes to fill

Brady was playing with Randy's shoes the other day and I began to think of what will come of Brady as he grows up.  He definitely has some big shoes to fill...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas w/ Addi & Tyler

In the past, Jennifer, Bonnie and I have exchanged gifts amongst ourselves. However now that we all have children, we decided to just buy for the kiddos this year.  It was great to watch them tear into their gifts.  Even lil' Addi was able to rip the paper and she is only 9 months old!  

Here we all are, attempting to take a group photo.


Brady and Tyler ripping onto their gifts

This was actually a decent picture of Brady and me, since the kid really does not like to have his picture taken

I caught a smile! 


Christmas 08'

Here are some pictures from earlier in December that I never found time to post until now.  Enjoy!
Brady and Me goofing around

At the Niemeyer Christmas- Owen and Brady hugging
Owen is feeding Grayson...Brady is watching, 
Too cute not to post

Owen & Brady ready for a walk...Grayson was in the Baby carrier strapped to me, that was sight to see!

Here are a few of our favorite ornaments that give our tree character!

Of course this is Randy's favorite!  Thats a true hunters ornament right there...

This butterfly is pretty but what I love most is the way Brady says "Butterflies"

This ornament is from Italy and was given to us from my sister, Kimberly, a few years ago 

I dunno what he was doing, but thats the closest I could get to standing in front of the tree!