Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sesame Street Live

Mimi, Brady and I all went to see Sesame Street Live at the Heart of Texas Coliseum.  I remember when my parents took me to see Sesame Street back in the day.  Ahh...the memories!

Not quite sure what he was doing, but it was funny!

The star of the show,

The Big Home Improvement Project

After debating for a year whether or not to put in wood floors, we FINALLY did it!  The poor lady at Discount Floors who had to deal with our indecisiveness for a year now was so sweet and patient with us.  Randy decided to tackle the project himself, instead of having Discount Floors come install.  He had my help for a minimal part of the time, but Brian and Jason stepped in, providing a much better helping hand.  This project was A LOT of work, but we are very pleased with the results.  Kudos to Randy and the guys for all their hard work.  Even Brady helped!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A trip to the Lake

Last weekend we took a trip to see my parents at the Lakehouse.  We stayed Friday-Monday, which was a delightful Birthday get-a-way.   I love to get away from the busy world every once in a while (no internet, no phone service)  I love it! 

One afternoon we drove to Natchitoches, LA.  Here are few pictures of our visit in this historical town, which set the scene for the movie Steal Magnolias.

Feeding the ducks
Back at the Lake, Brady taking his traditional sink bath.

Ready for bed

Valentines Playdate

Now I am not a big fan of Valentines day, in fact Randy is not allowed to get me anything on that day, however this Valentines day playdate, organized by Kristen, was too cute.  I guess V-day is cute for the kids, but I just dont care for any attention on that day.  Below are some fun pictures from our gathering.  We made a few Valentines to give Daddy.  We had a wonderful time!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Baby Niemeyer # 2!!!

Friends and Family, Randy and I are proud to announce that Baby Niemeyer # 2 is on the way! Randy and I found out at the beginning of January that we are expecting a new bundle of Joy in September!  Baby will be Due around September 15th.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we start this new adventure! 

Baby at 6 weeks

Baby at 8 weeks

Like Father, Like Son

The other day while I was visiting with my mother-in-law (Janie), she dug out an old suit that Randy used to wear when he was about 4 or 5.  She said I should take it home, wash it up and try to put it on Brady.  We tried to find a picture of Randy in this suit but it wasn't until I searched through pictures at home that I found this old picture of Randy.  The pants are still a bit long but I couldn't resist, I had to take a picture to post!  Like Father, Like Son!  This suit is quite handsome, and I am actually thinking about putting Brady in this suit for Easter!  

Let the Potty Training Begin!

For the last couple of months, Randy has been trying to convince me to start potty training Brady.  I have been hesitant, just because I wanted to make sure he was really ready for this process.  I wanted him to understand the concept.  I finally broke down about two weeks ago and decided, its time!  We started out sitting on the potty and a couple of days later Randy worked with him on standing.  Fortunately, it was really easy.  He does not wear diapers at all anymore.  Underwear during the day and a pull-up at night.   However, the pooping in the potty is going to be a whole other story. He is just too cute standing up to use the potty!    

He even puts down the toilet seats, flushes and washes his hands!  Now we just need to work on pulling up and down the underwear/pants.

Random Pix

Here are a few random Pictures from the past month
Some of our fellow Superbowl Party Fans
Colton, Tyler and Brady

Owen and Brady watching Cars

Brady reading to Great-Grandpa.  Yes, he can read this book!  He adores his Freight Train book.

The Great Outdoors

We spent sometime out at the land a few weeks back. It was cold but not cold enough for the boys to venture off into a land of their own.

Meanwhile, I stayed warm by the fire!