Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Fright Night!

This year we took the kids to the Waco Tennis and Fitness center for their annual Halloween party.   Last year Brady randomly won 2nd place in the Halloween costume contest, which I had no idea was even taking place at the time.  This year I was informed of the contest, however, had NO intensions of my children winning.  Lo and behold, Bailey won the grand prize for the 2011 costume contest!   One might think that my kids were the only ones there, but there were at least 40 others dressed up! Unbelievable!

 My maties!!!

 Cousin Tenley as a butterfly

 Braxton and Brady 

 Each child decorated their own trick-or-treat bucket

 Grandma reading a book to Brady and Raggedy Ann

 Zumba with Aunt Wendy

If you ask Bailey what pirates eat she will say "Arrrr...bys!

An Oldie but Goodie

Happy Birthday to my Dear AUNT Lynn!

My aunt celebrated her 50th Birthday a few weeks ago.  We had the honor of attending her surprise party down in Del Rio, Texas.  

 Happy Birthday Lynn!

 My awesome cousins Alexandra & J.P.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Rootin' Tootin' Good Time!

Brady's Pre-K Field Trip to the Fairgrounds

Today as I look through these pictures from the fair last month, I feel incredibly thankful!  Thankful to have the opportunity to enjoy these moments with Brady! 

 Buddy up!

 Brady's very BEST friend, Chance!

Watching the pig races 

My first born love!

Brady's Pre-K Field Trip MOVIE!!!

Welcome Home Aunt Kimmy!

Kimberly has been in England the last 12 months volunteering her time ministering to the youth.  Although her visit was quick, we made sure to spend lots of quality time with Aunt Kimmy.  We spent hours outside on the trampoline, in the tree house, and hanging out on the front porch. Oh, Kimmy how we have missed you!