Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kaska Family Farm

Kaska Family Farm was a blast! Lots to do for all ages. Corn maze, corn box, hay rides, hay jump, mini maze, etc...

Autumn was just one of the many people that informed us about this fun fall farm. She had already taken her son Knox out there, but she invited us out on their second visit.

Knox and Brady on the Hay Ride.

The boys lead the way

While we were "down on the farm" we found some other friends there. Kendall, Evan and Colson!


I didn't realize the Arboretum was filled with so much to look at and discover. (Thanks Mandi!) It was actually great timing that we went out there because I am going to be in a wedding there next weekend. It was peaceful and beautiful, sure to be a elegant evening event! I am now, even more, looking forward to Nov. 1st! Patiently waiting for Mommy? Unlikely!

Oh yes my friends, he found the water!

and the leaves...

and the rocks...

and the flowers! Actually he did not pick this one, thank goodness! I had to photograph this hibiscus flower because it was on steroids or something.

A day at our Land

As much as we love spending time out at the land exploring, there are times when we must work. Whether its clearing brush, trimming the trees, or ridding poison ivy with round up, Brady always seems to have a good time. This time we desperately needed to mow!

Brady warning us of the cactus...Yikes!

I think they were walking down to check the feeder and camera.

Brady sat in Randy's lap the whole time he mowed! Towards the end he fell asleep! That was just too precious!

The witch flying into the pole is too cute!

Pumpkin Storytime

The other day I pulled out a few books related to leaves and pumpkins. I read one of my favorite big books to Brady which happens to be about Growing Pumpkins. This was a convenient since we went to the pumpkin patch that evening.


Random pictures of when Tyler and Addison came over to play.

Tyler looks worried!!

Crazy Hair Day

Before we cut Brady's hair a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would have little fun. He thought it was quite entertaining the way mommy was spiking his hair up with gel. Fun stuff!

Monday, October 06, 2008