Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ebay is my friend!

I found this pop-up tent with balls on ebay and it is the best thing ever!! We just received it today in the mail and boy did Brady have a ball! (Get it, have a ball in the balls) Ok, corny I know!
All I have to say is...I love Ebay!!

So handsome I just cant stand it!


Sitting at the table like a big boy!

Its too dang HOT!

So we had to cool off...

We love the Park!

A day at the Park with Mommy and Daddy

The Boys!

Knox and Brady tuckered out after a trip to Jumping Party. Autumn & I took our little ones to Jumping Party Sunday afternoon. After a fun filled afternoon of jumping & ice cream, the boys were a bit sluggish you could say!

On a Nature Walk

A Day at the Creek!

Chasing Frogs!

Mommy caught a baby frog!

Bradys face is priceless

And we all fall down

Looking at the fishies

Mommy being creative with the camera

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekend at the Lake

This past weekend we spent the weekend at the Lakehouse. Hadley, Emily & Parker joined us as well.

Brady is a fish. He was swimming with his life vest on by hisself.

Brady has his own way of playing foosball!

Throwing a stick to Chief

Parker & Brady

New Pet 4 Brady

We need a name for Bradys fish...

One Cool Dude!

The other day Brady runs into the kitchen to show me his cool new shades! Well Mommys shades that is! He found them somewhere within reach and was running around the house looking at things with them on. Things look a little different when you have dark sunglasses on. He found that interesting.

Family Reunion

We spent the 4th of July weekend in Missouri at the Quick Family Reunion. Here are a few pictures from that weekend.

Brady loves to pick flowers. He has pulled up all my flowers in my flower garden!!

Walking with GG and PawPaw
Brady trying to jump out of my arms!

Little Sport! We love the Rangers!

Brady crawling through the "Fort" with his cousins

Fun in the pool



Kayaking ("Boat" as Brady would say)

Pump up the Jam!
Chief followed them everywhere!
I love that smile!

Time to go home