Monday, December 20, 2010

Flashback #5- Summer 09'

Random summer activities from 2009

Randy and his buddy Jerrod put in a deck at the house on Rance with the assistance of some little hands.

The finished product!

Nursery for baby #2!

Holly & me after our double baby shower, so generously put on by our YA1 Sunday School class!

Me and my baby's DaDDy!

A visit from my cousins J.P. and Alexandra.

My little man!

Brady and his friends Kendal and Evan

Beating the heat with Pawpaw!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Flashback #4- SEA WORLD ROCKS!

At the end of June in 2009 we took a family trip to Sea World with Randy's sister Tammy and her family. There was an endless amount of activities, however we found that most of our days were spent at the water park. I suppose it could have had something to do with the fact that I was 7 months preggo and that was just the best way to beat the heat. Did find our way to a few of the shows which seemed to captivate little Brady boy.

Brady found another way to beat the heat!

Those are some big shoes to fill little MAN!

Brady's first roller coster ride! He did great!

Thanksgiving Day

Our Lil' Turkeys
This Thanksgiving we spent with Randy's family, which was awesome because I love, love my in-laws. I didnt take a whole slew of pictures as I usually do, but I did get some adorable pictures of my babies!

No matter how challenging my day has been, I am grateful for my healthy vibrant children!

Bailey and cousin Katie who are just weeks apart

This is Carson, another cousin who was enjoying some of Bradys trains

A day at the Zoo

My parents, (AKA Pawpaw and GG) came in for a visit a few days before Thanksgiving. They were among the few Texas teachers that actually had a full week off from school. During their visit, GG suggested we take a trip to the Cameron Park Zoo. It was a perfect fall day for outside activities.

Brady and this train are inseparable.

Miss Bailey admiring the animals

My awesome parents :)

Checking out the creek

The girls

This boy hydrated his body with blue Gatorade, can you tell?

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Turkey Time

Parkview hosted their annual Thanksgiving meal the Thursday before thanksgiving. Randy, Bailey and I joined Brady for a surprisingly tasty feast. Below Brady is sporting his turkey hat!
I hope everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving!


Our first Christmas in our new home; something that we have been looking forward to for over a year now. This season, by far, is my FAVORITE time of year, hints the reason started decorating the week before Thanksgiving. We bought a 12ft. Christmas tree this year, which has been challenging to decorate. Brady found such joy as he hung each ornament meticulously, making sure that all the breakable ornaments were out of Baileys reach. Bailey spent most of the time admiring our work and pulling the ornaments off the bottom section of the tree. Enjoy!