Saturday, October 22, 2011

Burgers with the Buengers!

A few weeks ago we had our friends the Buengers over for dinner and an evening of 4-wheeling.  After we scarfed down our burgers and hotdogs, the boys were off for a ride.  Us girls hung out around the house, chatted and played in the playroom.  When Randy and Chad came back with the boys, of course the girls wanted their chance to ride.  When all the off roading excursions concluded, I busted out the classic glow necklaces!  The kids each had a necklace and we spent the rest of the evening watching them run around in the dark.  Good times! 

Seriously, can you get a cuter group of kids?  Love them!

On your mark, get set, GO!


Fall Days

The cooler temperatures have been a breath of fresh air!  Here is a glimpse of how we spend our afternoons enjoying this fall weather.

Bailey loves to jump!

Right where a boy should be!

I took this picture peeking through the tree house from above

Monday, October 03, 2011

Happy Campers

Welcome to our neck of the woods!  
Randy and Brady had their first camp out right here in our backyard.  Setting up camp is a little more involved than the norm for these Niemeyer boys.   Randy ran an extension cord to the tent because a fan & light are must haves!  It was a "Boys Only" event so Bailey and I spent the night cozy in our beds.  Considering this was Brady's first camping experience I was fully expecting them back inside by 10.  Quite by surprise they camped out until after 1am!  

Mimi came out to check out the camp site.

Dirt!  Our best friend!

Lights out!


South Padre Island
What an opportunity we had to spend quality time together in such a beautiful place right here in Texas!
Day 1 September 9, 2011  
First order of business, hit the beach!

A treasure!

Bailey's birthday dinner which was celebrated at a resturant called,  "The big Donkey"

Classic! (Brady's nickname when he is being stubborn is "Donkey")

These two are full of personality!  I love it!

I heart Brady boy

The birthday Girl
 Day 2

Heading to the beach 

The beach is the perfect place to fly a kite

After dinner italian ice cream

Back to the beach for an evening swim

The lighting was yummy for some sunset shots

Day 3

Bailey and I watched the sunrise "From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised." psalm 113:3 
Feeding the seagulls 

The boogie board was worth every penny!  Brady spent most of the time riding the waves
 Day 4
Brady wanted to sit on this bench and take a picture.  Random, but cute!

Captain Bailey!

Captain Brady!

Lunch at pirates landing!

Kid meals were served in pirate ship!

A Treasure of Memories!


September is one of the most hectic months of the year for our family.  We have entirely too many family and friends with September birthdays.  All of these birthdays/parties make for a cramped schedule and quite frankly a stressful September.  This year Randy and I decided that we would alleviate some of the stress by not planning parties for our September babies.  Instead we enjoyed a family vacation together down at South Padre Island (pictures from that trip will be on a different post).   Here is our September in a nutshell...

Brady with his BEST Friend Chance.  

On Brady's birthday my bestie, Jennifer, planned a dinner playdate at McDonalds  in honor of  his Birthday.

Labor Day weekend was spent in Dallas with my parents and grandparents.  

Two peas in a pod, I tell ya!

Labor day was spent celebrating Brady and Bailey's birthdays with family.  Not planned by me!  Im telling you I vetoed the parties this year! 

Grandma made a personal cake for each of them!  

Happy Birthday to my precious babies, Brady and Bailey!

Aunt Tammy bought Bailey the necklace and Aunt Wendy bought a potty training baby

Tenley and Bailey 

Boys being boys

Mimi was there to celebrate with us as well