Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Golden Girl

Our sweet Bailey is too cute! She makes us laugh and smile everyday. God has blessed us with two beautiful, healthy and fun loving babies. They are both still my babies, even though Brady insists that he is NOT a baby anymore. I had to blog about these pictures because these are the moments that capture my heart!

Yep. Thats the dog food bowl.

Bailey Love.

We didnt have quite enough balls to cover the bottom of the pop-up tent so we added some balloons for fun!

I just want to kiss her! I think I will do that right now...


Happy New Year!

We spent New Year's Eve popping fireworks in our culdesac. Brady was not a big fan of the noisy firecrackers. He found more interest in the roman candles, smoke balls and those little white poppers that pop when you throw them on the ground.

B is Brady & Bailey! Sparkler fun!

G is for G.G.

Soooooo Silly!

On New Year's eve day I pulled out the camera to snap a few pictures of the kids. My little man was being so silly he ended up in his first photo shoot!

We don't see this very often, but Mr. Brady Boy was loving on this little sister!

We discovered on New Year's eve night that Bailey was sick. Apparently, she came down with the fever virus. Now that I look back at these pictures, it is very obviously in her eyes that she does not feel well. No fun at all :(

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flashback #8- It's a GIRL!!!

Our Little Lady
Miss Bailey Kate Niemeyer
September 9, 2009

So can I just say that waiting to find out the gender of baby # 2 was well worth the wait. The anticipation was intense! Randy and I were inspired by a couple in our Sunday School class who waited until the birth of their daughter to find out what they were having. I can remember sharing in Flint and Rebekah's excitement as I anxiously waited to receive that email from our SS director presenting the Harris's new addition. The anticipation, joy and delight of a surprise baby was something we wanted to experience too.

The beginning of ALL wonderful things

This was my first time to hold Bailey

Bailey's first bath

One PROUD Father

Great Grangran & Grandma Rudder

Beaming G.G. & Pawpaw


Kimmy is delighted!

Bailey is a true Angel

Brady meeting Bailey for the first time

Bridgit & Aunt Tammy visit

Chief is trying to figure out where she came from :)

Little Lady

Flashback #7-Brady's 3rd Birthday

Waco water park hosted Brady's 3rd birthday. Baby #2 was on the way in early September so we bumped up Bradys party to the end of August to be safe. Sunny warm day + water + lots of friends/family = one spectacular party!

Check out the sling shot Aunt Kimmy brought back from Africa!

He still plays with this game!

These pictures were taken on his actual birthday in September. We saved some gifts for the little guy to open on his big day.

Christmas #...I lost count!

ChRiStMaS around the Niemeyer world!

Christmas night we had our annual gift exchange with our dear friends Hadley, Emily and our Godson Parker MAN!

Parker & Randy checking out the new hunting game

Bailey feeding her new doll- remember the cabbage patch kids? Awww...the memories!

We had Christmas lunch at the in-laws house. Even though most of Randy's side of the family was there, my family joined in on the feast! It was nice to have immediate family all in one place at the same time.

Sleepy girl!

Randy's uncles crack me up, I love to be around them! Good times

Laura (Randy's cousin) and Kevin are getting married in April. I happened to be their photographer! Yikes!

Miss Bailey Kate and Pawpaw ( and yes she is still on the bottle at 15 months!)