Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Game Day

Yesterday we all went to watch the Rangers play the Phillies. It was the first time in 2 years that we all 3 went to a game together. The last time was when I was 8 months pregnant with Brady. It was an eye full for Brady and there was never a dull moment. Poor thing exhausted himself so much that by the 7th inning he was out! There is a picture of him sleeping on my chest. Also we were able to see the new Cowboys stadium. I think in the second picture you can see it in the background. We had a fun time and we didnt get rained on!

Before our trip

Randy and Brady hiking around

Brady and I are about to go swimming with Daddy

We enjoyed a little time at the lakehouse before we heading out for our vacation. Brady enjoyed swimming in the lake. He was able to jump off the dock which was fun to watch.
Sue & Dad both teach so each summer they have asked Randy & me if they can keep Brady for a week at the lake. They said that it should be a tradition each summer to spend some time with GG & Grandpa. We agreed that would be great bonding time for all three of them. Randy & I decided to cruise the Carribian while he was at the lake.

Fathers Day (a little early)

Before the game we all ate at El Fenix and Brady was being hilarious

Fathers day came a little early this year for Randy & my Dad. At the beginning of June Brady & I sent them to a Rangers game for an early Fathers day present. They had a fantastic time!

Sleeping Boy

What a sweet picture my mom captured one day when she was over at our house. Brady fell fast asleep as he was finishing his snack. He is such a precious boy!

Waterday at School

A few weeks back we had a water day up at the center. Brady and most of the kids had a great time.

After running the water for 2 hours the side yard turned into a mud bath. I wonder who found the mud first????

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Day at the Mayborn

Emily, Parker, Brady and Amanda visiting the Mayborn Museum


Parker & Brady

Parker and Brady (Godbrothers)

Brady getting out his Tee Ball set

Parker wants to play with the Tee Ball set too!

Brady, honey, I think you are a little too big for that playmat!

Little Sport!!!

Watching the pump truck pump concrete over the house for Daddy's Basketball court.

Let me help Daddy!

Big Boy helper

Come on Owen, lets play some Basketball!

Playing some B-ball

Shoot it Owen!

High five!

Slam Dunk!