Friday, May 01, 2009

Mimi Time

After Owen & Grayson's birthday party we headed to the park for some Mimi time. 

Birthday Boys

Brady's cousins, Owen and Grayson both share an April birthday.  While Owen celebrated his 3rd birthday, Grayson celebrated his first.  These boys know how to tear up some cake, let me tell ya!  

Owen blew out all the candles on both cakes, what a helpful big brother.

Dig in Boys!
Couldn't resist posting this one

Playing with some birthday presents

This is going to be one of those photos that is in a slideshow at Owen's wedding someday 

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Hadley, Emily and Parker came in a few weekends ago for a quick visit.  Emily and I planned to take the boys to the annual "Race for the Cure" that Saturday.  It was going to be a good opportunity for us to get some exercise and support a good cause all at the same time.  However, the weather put a damper on our plans, so Parker, Brady, Emily and I ended up staying inside ALL morning.  Randy and Hadley decided to head out for a game of golf despite the weather.  They played from 7-12 and still came home 4 holes short!  The longest game of golf ever! I think they spent more time in the golf cart than on the course.  

Those boys look like they are up to no good

Chief had to get in on the action

Love these boys with all my heart!

Pawpaw & GG

A couple of weeks ago, Pawpaw and GG came to visit while they were on their spring break.  Unlike Texas,  Louisiana's spring break is in April.  During their visit they took a few pictures I couldn't resist sharing with everyone.  

Pawpaw sharing a good book with Brady

Brady enjoys reading 

GG always makes the story exciting 

One evening we went down to the creek in search of a tadpole.  The boys walked the creek while Sue and I searched the area for frogs.  We knew where there were frogs, there would be tadpoles.  Sure enough, we found one!  We scooped it up and it is now on display in Sue's Pre-K class in Louisiana.  How interesting this will be for the children!