Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Family Pic

Family Pictures (with Cousins)
Brady...over here...smile...boo...elmo...
I wonder how many thousands of times we had to say that!

Now you smile!!!!!

We all fall down

Trouble...just look at Bridgits face

Bridgit, Colton and Brady!


Tim came to visit!
(Tim is Randy's old roommate from Pharmacy School)
Cutie pie!

More Bubbles please

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

Six Months Old


Bubbles on my cheek!

Soooo big!

Brady is 6 1/2 months!! The last month we have struggled to keep him well. He suffered from RSV for a while and now is struggling with what we think is rotavirus. Despite being under the weather, he is a happy baby and still full of energy. (Crawling and getting into everything!!) Here are some new pictures taken in the last month or so. Enjoy!