Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Pictures

This was a great kodak moment!
I could not resist

Gran-gran, Mimi, Brady and Grandma

Visiting Daddy at work is so much fun!
There is so much to get into

GG and Brady having a good time

Nice hair dude!

"Now when am I going hunting with Daddy?"

Fall Pictures

Showing some baylor love!

Brady was a little Monkey for Halloween!

Looking at something with Dad

I think Bradys favorite place to be is outside

And Chief always wants to play!

Our Godson Parker!

Bradys Godparents just had a little boy in September. Parker is his name and he is a bundle of joy! Shortly after his arrival Randy and I were asked to be loving Godparents and we ecstatically accepted. Here are a couple of pictures of our second son!

A day at the Creek

A day at the creek with Aunt Kimmy and Mommy

Climbing is what Brady loves to do!