Thursday, August 25, 2011

What was I thinking????

Recently my friend Jennifer was out of town with her husband.  I agreed a month prior to watch their daughters,  Addison and Katelyn while they were away.  Then the opportunity came up to watch my niece that same evening.  I thought, why not, I already have 4 kiddos running around, why not one more! Lets just put it this way, 2 kids suits me just fine! I have no desire to have any more children of my own! LOL!  Nonetheless, we had a fun time and the all the kids were well behaved.   Poor Brady was totally out numbered with 4 girls around.  We decided it would be best to invite a boy over to play, so thats when we called Tyler over.  It was a busy weekend at the Niemeyer house!

My niece Tenley


Tyler and Brady looking at the paintballs Brady found

That ride lasted about 30 seconds due to a dead battery-BOO!
Party of Five

Good morning!


Random Days of Summer

My pride & joy!  


Even Bailey could skate with those skates that fit over her shoes!

All he wanted to do was race!

Shopping is her thing!

Gotta love Date night

I thrive on capturing moments like these!

Cousin Colton

For three weeks in July/August Colton stayed with us so that we could take him to his driver's ed class each day.  We took Colton out of his comfort zone a bit by requiring him go to the gym with us to workout, eat with us at the dinner table everyday, and participate in family activities.  Brady and Bailey liked having another person around the house, as did I!  Colton helped out with the kids, took the trash out and emptied the dishwasher on a regular basis.  We will miss his presence now that he has gone home. We love you Colton! 
Official driver's permit!

A lot of rough housing went on while he was here! LOL!

Is there something wrong with this picture?  Shouldn't Randy be the one pushing Colton?

Colton looking for Brady in a game of chase. 

Look at that face!  TROUBLE!

Hooray for the First Day!

My little munchkins started school/MDO last week.  Brady is in a 5 day Pre-K program at Parkview, while Bailey attends Mother's Day Out at Journey twice a week.
 Brady had a hard time last year with the transition into a 5 day program, but this year was a cinch!  He has most of the same friends as last year and is familiar with his new teachers.  Ms. Afton, who is the lead teacher, is phenomenal!  She is super creative, sweet natured, and she is the teacher responsible for teaching Brady the books of the bible last May.  Ms. Rachael is a full time aide that is excellent with the children as well.  Brady absolutely loves school!  Each day when I pick him up he says "I love my new teachers!"  Praise God for a smooth transition!  
Bailey has two super sweet teachers Ms. Amy and Ms. Rachael.  When I took Bailey to her room on the first day I was a little worried.  Both teachers were holding screaming kids and there was another little boy who was crying in the room.  It was a domino affect because as soon as Bailey saw those little ones crying, she started to get upset.  She quickly calmed down and I hung around until the poor teachers had things under control.  Finally, about 15 minutes later Bailey was off to play with her friend Brooke and I was out the door.  When I picked her up the teachers said she did fabulous!  Hip hip Hooray for the first days of school!

Brady's First Day Pre-K 4

Brady's First Day of Pre-K 3

Miss Bailey Kate ready for Mother's Day Out!

Sweet love

Flashback #15- January-March 2010

 Precious moments with the ones that make my heart happy!

Miss Bailey Kate - 4 months old

One of Bailey's favorite spots to be was in Aunt Wendy's arms.

Brady showing Bailey how everything works.  Helpful little man!


This picture was taken while we were out at the construction site checking on the status of our house.    It was a cold day so we sat in the car for a few minutes to warm up.  

In February of 2010, I turned the big three-O!  Randy made this day a special one indeed! One Saturday, much to my surprise, a limo picked us up shortly after lunch.  I soon discovered when the limo driver opens the door that the limo was filled with 4 of our closest friends!   We headed south to Austin where my girls and I enjoyed a spa pedicure, dinner at Dave & Busters, and finished the night off with dessert from Cheesecake!  Ever lasting memories were made that day!  

Jennifer, Bonnie, Me, Michelle

The Man with a Plan!

Uncle Brian is up to no good!

February Snow

All bundled up! 
A picture of our snowy back yard out at the house.  A month before we moved in. 

God is so GOOD!  He has blessed our family and we will forever be thankful!
Playdate with friends!  Tyler and Bailey
Addy & Brady

Out checking on the progress of the house.  Only about one more month until move in! 

Aunt Wendy loved having her niece and nephew around all the time.

Bailey meeting Jake, Brian and Wendy's new puppy.

Playdate at the Zoo!

Noah, Caleb, Brady & Mason

Even's 4th birthday

My sweet Girl

Brady blowing a birthday blower at Bailey.  She laughed and laughed at her big brother!