Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July Pictures

JP, Brady and Alexandra during their visit to Waco
Playing in the pool- Chief was wanting to get in too

At the waterpark with Jennifer and Mommy

More pictures from the visit

Mimi, Brady and Alex
Great Gran-Gran!

Where are your pants Brady?

Cheeks! Gotta love them!

Climbing is his favorite

Pretty boy!

Texas State Aquarium

Out to eat while on Vacation

Playing on the beach at Padre Island

Time to go in

Brady, Randy and Colton

Brady with his Mimi on the beach

Another cute pic

Little Red Raider

Brady with his Mimi and Great Grandparents


Gran-Gran doing the classic chin bob!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summer Pics

A visit to the lakehouse

Brady will be driving before we know it

Having a little fun with Mommy!

Brady and his buddy Bobby at a playdate

Girard Family Reunion

Lake picture

Owen just wants to give Brady a hug but Brady is not so sure

Happy Fathers day and Birthday to Daddy!

Hangin out with the big dawgs!

We went to visit Brady's Godparents Hadley and Emily

Bonnie playing with Brady 6 hours before she had Tyler!

Brady playing with my parents new puppy

So cute!

Oh yeah, this is the life!

Aunt Kimmy makes Brady laugh when she takes snapshots of him.

Brady Boy!

Gigi loves me!

Grandpa makes me laugh!

Hanging out with Daddy

Grandpa & Grandma here for Kimberly's Graduation

Playing in my toy box


Watching Aunt Kimmy Graduate