Monday, March 16, 2009

My Boy

This super cute picture of Brady was taken by Amy at one of our Texas Dynasty fun Fridays.  In this picture Brady is on his way up to the trampoline.  Every other Friday a bunch of Mommas and kiddos meet at Texas Dynasty for open gym.  The lil' ones have free reign over the gym.  Maybe  next time I will bring my camera to snap some additional pictures to post, but this is all I have for now...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My first iMovie

Well, here it is, my first iMovie.  I took various clips that we took at our last Lake visit and composed a small slideshow.  This was so much fun!  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sound the Alarm

At church, one Sunday, some friends of ours convinced us to bring Brady down to Fire Station 2 for a tour.  Pictured below are Shane, Jackson and of course Brady. Jackson and Brady are in the same Sunday School class so they have known each other for a while.  Shane is Jackson's dad who happens to be a firefighter stationed at this fire house.  On this special day, Shane showed the boys a little bit of everything around the fire house.  We started out in the garage, where the boys played in the fire trucks, flipping on and off the lights, exploring the boat, and watching Shane gear up.  Next we headed into the fire house to view where the firefighters spend their time when they are not on call.  Many Thanks to the Spann family for giving us this inside look to a firefighters life!  

It's a Dog's Life

Our dog, Chief, is always keeping things exciting around the house.  The other day, after Brady and I said good-bye to some friends, we noticed that Chief was acting a little peculiar.  As he sat "on guard" at the front window, he started going bonkers (wining, barking, etc...).  I was sure that maybe our company had not left yet, and maybe that was why Chief was alerting us that they were still here.  I pier out the blinds to notice there was nothing outside out of the ordinary.  To ease Chiefs uneasiness, I opened the front door and told him to show me what all the commotion was about.  As I stood by the front door, Chief darted towards the street.  He hops off of the curb into the street, then proceeds to ponce on something that was so near the curb that I could not tell what it was from where I was standing.  As I walked closer to the street I realized that he was playing with this turtle.  Of course by this time the poor turtle was all shelled up.  This was a kodak moment for sure I thought, so I ran inside and grabbed my camera.    He must have seen the turtle crawling across the street, which provoked his craziness.  Soon after we left, the turtle made his way down to the nearby creek.  :)