Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Brady's 4 month checkup

Brady is 4 months old now! He went in for his checkup/shots the other day and he now weighs 16lbs and 5oz. What a big and healthy boy! We will keep posting pics as he continues to grow.

Brady's First Christmas

Brady's First Christmas!

He loves the paper

Santa left me books

Even Chief has a stocking

GG gave me a monkey!

More Pictures from Christmas

Gifts, gifts and more gifts!

I will be warm for sure!


Brady with Great Aunt and Uncle Veronica and John White. Cousins J.P. and Alexandra too!

J.P. you are some much nicer than Alexandra!

Ok I guess Alexandra isnt that bad!

Cutie pie!

My daddy, cousin Owen, me and Aunt Teyla